Monday, April 27, 2009


"For those who get it, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't, no explanation will do."

This is the only way to explain Disney Magic. If you have been there and experienced it, you know exactly what I mean. If you never have, there is no way to explain it. You just have to go for yourself.

But why is it this way? What makes the explanation so unexplainable?

The only word I can think of is innocence. It's that teary-eyed feeling that you get when you see a Disney commercial on TV or the lump in your throat when you finally see Cinderella's Castle in the distance and feel like you are home once again.

That child-like innocence is an unexplainable feel. It is something that is priceless and can only be experienced, not elucidated.

To feel taken care of, comfortable, important, to feel carefree, excited and energized, Disney brings on these feeling. Maybe it is because so many of us grew up with Mickey cartoons, or Disney feature films. Maybe it is because our parents took us when we were in our purest childhood state. Maybe it has just been so ingrained in us through the heart-warming advertising of every Disney promotion that we just can't wait to get that feeling again.

At any rate, it's a feeling I know I can't and don't want to live without.

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